Saudi Arabia Training Security From Malaysia on Counterterrorism

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    The government of Malaysia is sending 10 senior security specialists to Saudi Arabia to benefit from the Prince Mohammed bin Naif Center for Security Studies, and draw lessons and derive benefits from its accumulated experiences. “We want to benefit from the experience of the Kingdom in counseling and countering extremist ideology with moderation, argument and proof,” said the Malaysian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Zainol Rahim Zainuddin.

    Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi noted that his government supports the Kingdom’s policy in all regional and international files and issues. He described Saudi Arabia as “an important depth of the Muslim world. It is the Muslims’ destination and their incubator. It plays a leading role in protecting them at various levels.” Hamidi said he listened to the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and his eagerness to confront extremism and terrorist groups.

    The Malaysian official revealed that some initiatives were discussed and will be announced soon to protect Islamic countries from the danger of extremism and terrorism, and the presence of extremist organizations in their territories. These initiatives will also protect Muslims from the danger of terrorist groups that lure them to the fields of battle and use them for their own ends.

    The deputy prime minister of Malaysia said that he discussed with King Salman solutions to protect Southeast Asian countries from the threat of terrorism carried out by Daesh by recruiting people of these countries to join and fight in the ranks of the militant group that neither represents Islam nor Muslims. He said that an understanding took place between the two countries to exchange experiences on various levels. He also praised the experience of counseling applied by Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the “Prince Mohammed bin Naif Center is a unique model to counter extremist ideology with moderate ideology.”

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